Friday, June 26, 2009


Would you like to know how to share your faith? Here's a great book about that - it's called twinkle by Elisa Morgan. This book is an easy read, but it's filled with ideas that each of us can do to share our faith.

What kind of light are you? Are you a spotlight- you shine the light on others more than yourself? Maybe you are a flashlight - you click on in emergencies. Or are you a candle- able to light up a room but vulnerable to things that can snuff you out. You might be a neon light, a sunlamp, a lighthouse, or a pilot light. A firefly, a floodlight, a nightlight, or a lantern. Twinkle urges you to think about your light, to accept your light and not try to be something you're not, and then to let your light shine in your own unique way, the way God designed you.

Don't hide your light under a bushel - twinkle!

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